Meet Our WiPA Organizers!

Alexandra Latshaw

Alexandra is a 5th year physics graduate student in the Putterman Lab studying energy flow in dense off-equilibrium plasmas.

Elizabeth Mills

Elizabeth is a 5th year graduate student in physics, working with Professor Dolores Bozovic on hearing mechanics.

Eve Emmanuelidu
Mentorship Coordinator

Eve is a 5th year graduate student in Professor Ni's Lab, focusing on synthesizing new materials with interesting properties, such as superconductors and thermoelectric materials.

Liya Oster
Undergraduate Liaison

Liya is a biophysics major, with an interest in medical biophysics, neurobiology, virology and immunology.

Prof. Stuart Brown
Faculty Advisor

Prof. Brown explores the roles of dimensionality, electronic correlations, and disorder in the properties of electronic materials.

Former WiPA Organizers/Continued Awesome Scientists

Alexis Popkow
Co-Chair and WiPA Founder

Alexis was a graduate student at UCLA working on the gamma-ray astrophysics of objects in the Galaxy with the VERITAS experiment. She has since graduated. Congrats Alexis!

Dalit Engelhardt
Co-Chair and WiPA Founder

Dalit received a PhD in theoretical physics from UCLA in 2016. Congrats Dalit!

Emily Martin
Events Coordinator

Emily is a 6th year graduate student in Astronomy, working with Professors Ian McLean and Mike Fitzgerald on infrared spectroscopy of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs.

Sarah Logsdon
Mentorship Coordinator

Sarah was an Astronomy graduate student working with Prof. Ian McLean in the UCLA Infrared lab. She's since graduated. Congrats Sarah!

Hayley Bricker
Undergraduate Liaison

Hayley is an Astrophysics major, with an intended Geophysics and Planetary Science minor, but also has various interests in geochemistry and paleontology.