Meet Our Council Members

Alexandra Latshaw

Alexandra is a 4th year physics graduate student in the Putterman Lab studying energy flow in dense off-equilibrium plasmas. She uses a femtosecond laser to rapidly cause breakdown in high pressure gases, creating a micron scale plasma with a blackbody temperature of several times the surface of the sun. She is currently probing a short time anomaly where the plasma remains stationary and does not explode, even with a pressure discontinuity over a factor of 100 times greater than the surrounding gas. Outside of her lab Alexandra can be found practicing guitar or teaching upper division physics laboratory courses, most recently Electronics for Physics Measurement and Quantum Optics.

Elizabeth Mills

Elizabeth is a 4th year graduate student in physics, working with Professor Dolores Bozovic on hearing mechanics. She uses high speed imaging of inner ear receptor cells to study mechanical transduction properties that are thought to be responsible for our sensitive and adaptive hearing abilities. In addition to research, Elizabeth teaches physics for life science majors and is actively engaged in physics education research with peer-based learning. Elizabeth also enjoys outreach and is secretary of the Math and Physical Sciences Council. Through all her activities and interactions, she is committed to breaking stereotype threat and belief systems of fixed intelligence.

Emily Martin
Events Coordinator

Emily is a 5th year graduate student in Astronomy, working with Professors Ian McLean and Mike Fitzgerald. She uses infrared spectroscopy of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs to study their physical properties. Emily is a member of the Infrared Laboratory, and is currently working on upgrading the NIRSPEC instrument for the Keck II Telescope in Hawaii. She joined WIPA to help advance the cause of making the field of Physics more diverse and inclusive, specifically by doing public outreach with groups of underrepresented minorities. She has spearheaded the recent WiPA Q&A sessions with female Physics & Astronomy colloquium speakers. In her spare time, she likes to swing dance, cook, and travel.

Eve Emmanuelidu
Mentorship Coordinator

Eve is a 4th year graduate student in physics. She is a member of Professor Ni’s Lab, where she focuses on synthesizing new materials with interesting properties, such as superconductors and thermoelectric materials. She is currently working on organizing a mentoring program for undergraduate women in physics. In her free time she enjoys exercising and cooking!

Sarah Logsdon
Mentorship Coordinator

Sarah is a 6th year Astronomy graduate student working with Prof. Ian McLean in the UCLA Infrared lab. Sarah’s thesis research seeks to probe star formation and evolution at its extremes. She is particularly interested in detecting and characterizing the lowest mass products of star formation, objects known as brown dwarfs. Until its final delivery in 2015, Sarah was also actively involved in the development and commissioning of FLITECAM, a near-infrared imager and spectrograph for the Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). When she isn’t working in the lab, Sarah enjoys baking, playing piano, watching movies, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Hayley Bricker
Undergraduate Liaison

Hayley is a 3rd year Astrophysics major, with an intended Geophysics and Planetary Science minor, but also has various interests in geochemistry and paleontology. She enjoys hiking, running, and reading when she finds some spare time, but really, most of her energy and enthusiasm is put into astrophysics. She’s not only a part of WiPA as the undergraduate liaison aiding in creating a undergrad-grad mentorship program, but also is an active board member of the Undergraduate Astronomical Society, the Undergraduate Art Science Society, the Hiking Club, and All of Us: A Campaign to Rethink Mental Health. Aside from club membership, she’d like to work further in science outreach geared toward reassuring young girls and women that a career in STEM is possible, no matter what.

Liya Oster
Undergraduate Liaison

Liya is a biophysics major, with an interest in medical biophysics, neurobiology, virology and immunology. As undergraduate liaison, she informs the members of the undergraduate physics clubs about the opportunities that WiPA offers and also helps organize outreach events. Her big hobby is illustration!